Virtual Bookkeeping
for Virtual Assistants

Expand your Virtual Assistant business by offering online bookkeeping services.


• Gain an extra income stream and add value to your business
• You don’t need any bookkeeping experience yourself
• Your client gets an exceptional bookkeeping service from an experienced and qualified team
• Our service is completely scalable to grow with you and your growing needs, and with your client's own growth

What You Can Now Offer

As Virtual Bookkeepers ourselves we know what it means to support clients with exceptional bookkeeping services —just as you deliver equally awesome services in your own VA business.

The Virtual Bookkeeper is an effective and proven way to expand your VA Business and provide you with an additional income stream by offering your clients bookkeeping services alongside your current operations.

We use Xero cloud-based accounting software. If your client doesn’t have any software or is not on Xero … fear not we’ve got that covered too: we can help your client to migrate their data across seamlessly.

How It Works

Expanding your portfolio of services into bookkeeping couldn’t be simpler:

Option 1 – Referral

When you have a client asking for bookkeeping services simply refer them to us. Once we’ve signed them up as a client of The Virtual Bookkeeper, we will then send you a one-off referral fee and we’ll look after the client ourselves and ensure they get the very best support they need. Typically the referral amount paid to you would be 20% of whatever the monthly fixed price package turns out to be for that client. For example, if the package turns out to be £1000 per month, you would get a one-off referral fee of £200.

Option 2 – White Label Service (Recommended)

We will support your VA business on a white label basis. We will charge you a set monthly bookkeeping fee and also recommend a price for you to charge your client to ensure you have a consistent, recurring monthly income.

There are two ways in which we can work together. As an example:

You are Michelle who runs the virtual assistant business, Awesome VA. Michelle has a client, let’s call them True Care Limited, who wishes to have bookkeeping support.

We can either:

Work with Michelle’s lead VA for that particular client, liaising with the VA team and supporting Michelle in her VA business—as a silent partner in the background, so to speak

We can integrate as part of Michelle’s team: as far as True Care is concerned we are Awesome VA’s bookkeeping team. When required, we liaise with Michele's lead VA but, otherwise, we speak and communicate directly to her client as if we were part of her Team Awesome.

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